Too Good To Be Soap

6 Unique Organic Soaps


Cotton Soap Saver Gift


A Nature inspired soap set made out of 3 body wash soaps and 3 body scrub soaps, pre gift wrapped in a plastic free packaging. Release the power of natural ingredients on your body and surprise your pores with the amazing skin benefits glycerine can offer in combination with pure essential oils and organic extracts. We have teamed up with another artisan to create a handmade soap saver out of cotton which is very mild and comfortable on skin, this allows you to combine the unique skin benefits and natural fragrances while maximizing the life of the soaps.


Lemon and Aloe

Vera Body Wash Soap

British Wild Rose

Body Wash Soap

Mango, Passionfruit and

 Coconut Body Scrub Soap

Cranberry and Lemongrass

Body Wash Soap

Oats and Honey

Body Scrub Soap

Activated Charcoal and

Coffee Body Scrub Soap

Unique - 3 Body Wash Soaps and 3 Body Scrub Soaps offering a selection of natural skin benefits and fragrances to uplift your mood whenever you use them.

Natural Scrubs enriched with essential oils and gentle exfoliators.

Body Wash Soaps - [Grapefruit and Lemongrass] - [Lemon and Aloe Vera] - [British Wild Rose].

Body Scrub Soaps - [Activated Charcoal and Organic Coffee] -

[Mango, Passionfruit and Shredded Coconut] - [Wildflower Honey and Organic Oats].


Lemon and Aloe Vera Body Wash Soap

Aloe Vera and Lemon Body Wash Soap- Nothing beats a good old citrus blast. Lemon, a natural antibacterial which applies vitamin C onto your skin little by little while the aloe vera pure essential oil will not only tone your skin but will leave a lovely scent after wash.

Cranberry and Lemongrass Body Wash Soap

Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Wash Soap - Purely made with real grapefruit extract and Lemongrass essential oil this vivid pink treat will put an end to your skins thirst and release vitamin c on your body which helps maintain skin elasticity.


British Wild Rose Body Was Soap

Wild British Rose Body Wash Soap - Picked up from the wild, the petals could be vary in colour depening on batch and season. Roses bring a incredible fragrance into every home, this soap will allow that fragrance to be carried with you after you've cleansed your skin with natural rose petals, these are not dry, the petals are fresh and will remain fresh in soap.

Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut Scrub Soap

Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut Body Scrub Soap -

A tropical body scrub that smells absolutely delicious. Mango extract is rich in antioxidants and passionfruit essential oil has a strong exotic smell which leaves you longing for more. Shredded coconut will gently scrub your skin while leaving a small amount of coconut oil on your skin.


Oats and Honey Body Scrub Soap

Oats and Honey Body Scrub Soap - While everybody is raving about Manuka honey we still choose to stick to Raw Wildflower honey. Rather than sticking to one bush, The wildflower honey comes from every flower bees could get nectar from, which increases the variety of nutrients and benefits, especially as it is raw. Because of that, the soap is a little dry in combination with the organic oats, once is under warm water it slowly gets the glycerine going and reverts back to normal.

Activated Charcoal and Coffee Scrub Soap

Activated Charcoal and Coffee Body Scrub Soap - The ultimate scrub that helps fight against Acnee, old skin, cellulite and dull looking skin. After a pore cleanse by the activated charcoal, the coffee kicks in which helps tonify the skin with its caffeine extract and antioxidant properties. The coffee used is Organic fairtrade from artisan roasted beans. We don't stick to one artisan when it comes to sourcing the coffee.


Each soap bar is FREE of SLS/SLES, Palm Oil, Cruelty Free, Parabens, and free of any plastic packaging.