• Surround your body with the natural fragrance of vanilla pods, frankincence and bergamot, our moonlight bliss gift set will have your skin exfoliated, rejuvenated and charged with the amazing fragrance of sweet, woody and citrusy notes. The bergamot bath bomb will open up your pores and enhance your senses, the enchanted frankincense epsom bath crystals will have your joints and muscles relaxed, and our vanilla black soap will finish off with the natural lovely fragrance of Madagascan vanilla.

    • 🌿 Bergamot Bath Bomb - Sink your body with our Bergamot bath bomb and let your senses re-ignite into a world of citrus, fragrance and vitamins, the amazing aroma of our Bergamot bath bomb will leave your body feeling soft, fresh and silky smooth. Made with 85% pure bergamot oil, this bath bomb will leave your skin desire for more!
    • 🌿 Frankinscense Epsom Bath Crystals - Let your muscles relax with these Frankinscense infused bath crystals and enhance your skin with magnesium and sulfate ions. These particles are absorbed through the skin, providing the body with magnesium and sulfates, minerals that have important functions in your body.
    • 🌿 Vanilla Black Soap - Handmade with the indulgent aroma of Madagascan Vanilla, and our lovely vanilla pod infused oil , it also contains almond oil and cold pressed castor oil, which is a wonderful skin moisturizer, fades blemishes, prevents stretchmarks and is anti-inflamatory. Handmade in the UK Does not contain any Parabens, Palm Oil, SLS And out bath Bombs are made with 70% food graded ingredients.

    Midnight Bliss Spa Set