• The Gift set with a character. Looking for something classy, yet stylish and invigorating? Look no more, we crafted a classic gift set with the vintage style in mind that is suitable for all ages and occasions.


    • 👔 Argan Oil and Witch Hazel Classic Shaving Bars, they may not be like your fast go to shaving foam you use everyday, but these classic bars, will work in just the same way if not, better. The only difference is that you get to feel the grip of the shaving bar and control the amount you use without a foam excess. Fully packed with Morroccan Argan Oil and Witch Hazel, these shaving bars will soften your beard and let your razor glide while leaving your face fresh smooth and hydrated. The added Witch Hazel, acts as a natural aftershave and due to its antibacterial properties and it will leave your chin fully protected.
    • 👔 Sunflower, Lemon, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar, how else we can call it vintage if we don't add the good old shampoo bar along with the shaving bars? The mixture of these natural extracts combined with Witch Hazel will suit and satisfy any hair type while leaving a cool and herbal fragance lather.
    • 👔 Bergamot, Cedarwood and Patchouli Soap - There is nothing more manly than Cedarwood fragrance, it brings a dark tone and enhances all other fragrances such as the citrusy aroma from the Bergamot and the foresty fragrance of the Patchouli. All these natural extracts will hydrate and moisturize your skin while leaving it with a not too strong or stinging fragrance, but with a classic, subtle and clean scent. This set is Handmade in the UK. Does not contain any Parabens, Palm Oil, Sulphates (SLS) and is suitable for any ocassion such as Fathers Day, Birthday Gift or just any ocassion regardless of any age.