• A soap for every ocasion, we know how often a girl changes her dress, this set of 4 handmade soaps was made using the same idea. Up to four natural organic ingredients soaps to satisfy each moment of her feelings.


    • 👠 Oats and Honey - Feeling Natural? Oats and Honey will replenish your skin's feeling and exfoliate with actual organic oats while fully relax and soothe your body,
    • 👠 Coconut Leaf and White Tea - Feeling a bit tired? No problem, The essential Tea Tree extract will bring your skin to life while using the natural benefits of the coconut to enhance and invigorate your senses.
    • 👠 Vanilla Heart - Nothing special? But just want to add a bit of flavour in your life? The vanilla heart soap may be slighly smaller, but it has a higher concentration of Madagascan Vanilla just to last a little bit longer than usual.
    • 👠 White British Rose and British Lavender - Feel like relaxing? Rose is known for its lush and soothing fragrance, and the wild british rose never fails to deliver that exact same feeling. Lavender is widely known for its Calming and Soothing benefits which will help your skin relax and gain its veil for the evening. Made using Wild Lavender kernels. Handmade in the UK. Does not contain any Parabens, Palm Oil, or Sulphates (SLS).

    Freshness in a box for Her


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