• Wash away your colours and leave your body feel monochrome and vibrant with our black and white soap, fully designed by us to unleash 3 top skin beneficial ingredients on your body in a unique and simplistic yet stylish design and our bath marble which will release shredded coconut, coconut milk and coconut oil inside your tub.

    • Coconut Milk - With high levels of natural Vitamin C and Copper, coconut milk helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and helps diminishing wrinkles while giving the your skin an overall firmer appearance.
    • Activate Charcoal - While it detoxifies, activated charcoal also acts as a gentle exfoliator it by drawing dirt, oil and debris our of your skin. This comes in handy if your skin is prone to acne. (Activated Charcoal from Coconut Shells) Organic Coconut Oil - Being rich in Vitamin E, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates and keeps your skin look smooth and healthy. Due to its Vitamin E content, coconut oil also helps prevent your skin from cracking. Planet Friendly - Our packaging is plastic free, made from recycled card paper. Natural - SLS/SLES Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, No Colour, slight Coconut Fragrance Just the way black and white should be.

    Black and White Soap