6 Health & Beauty Benefits of Soap

Our skin is bombarded daily with external influences such as scorching sun, drying winds or cold weather, bacteria and dirt. The humans learned pretty quick that skin is our largest and most exposed organ we have, taking good care of our skin is a way for better and longer life. During the last few thousand years, process of soap creation received numerous upgrades and tweaks, mostly by adding natural additives of color and smell.

1. Weekly dose of vitamin boost with Mango, passion fruit and coconut scrub.

Your skin will thank you many times over after you use this soap.

So, what’s so healthy about this soap?

  • Vitamin C – reduces the damage made by the sun’s UV rays, although it’s not a sunscreen, it protects against free radicals. Administering vitamin C topically (through the skin) has a better effect for this than taking it orally. It can likewise reduce inflammation caused by acne and lighten the skin.

  • Vitamin A – also known as Retinol, diminishes fine lines by stimulating collagen production and lightening dark patches on the skin.

  • Vitamin B6 – a water-soluble vitamin that reduces sebum on the skin (oily skin).

  • Copper – reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lightens the skin and fights against damage from free radicals.

  • Potassium – keeps cells hydrated to moisturize the skin.

  • Magnesium – helps to reduce oily skin, acne, and rosacea.

  • Beta-carotene - boosts immunity and protects the skin against bacteria and toxins.

  • Vitamin E – a fat-soluble vitamin that’s famous for hydrating the skin.

  • Vitamin K – a fat-soluble vitamin that helps to reduce stretch marks and spider veins.

2. Daily dose of antibacterial and antiseptic with Lemon and aloe vera body wash soap

We invited to our party two of the world's superstars: Lemon and Aloe Vera. They play an important part in our beauty routines as they have so many natural benefits: an amazing source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium; all of which help improve the appearance and condition of our skin, hair, and nails.

Lemon on our skin will act as an antioxidant, astringent, stimulant, hydrator, and also help aid in fighting dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp.

Aloe Vera will sooth and cool, being amazing after sun. It's also a powerful anti- inflammatory that will treat skin conditions like: psoriasis, sun burn, dry skin, acne and frostbite.

3. Daily dose of health and beauty with British wild rose body wash soap

It has anti-inflammatory properties, protects, brightens, naturally tones and nourishes tired skin. For this reason, we recommend it especially to people with sensitive and capillary skin as well as those who are exposed to intense sunlight. An important property of rose oil is that it inhibits the aging process and regenerates flaky skin.

When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind. In fact, rose petals are a staple in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify and calm. While this characteristic doesn’t directly add beauty benefits, it sure makes that rose-scented soap an extra pleasant experience.

4. Treating skin imperfections with Activated charcoal and coffee scrub soap

The ultimate scrub that helps fight against Acnee, old skin, cellulite and dull looking skin. After a pore cleanse by the activated charcoal, the coffee kicks in which helps tonify the skin with its caffeine extract and antioxidant properties.

Do you have oily skin? These face washes will help keep the unwanted shine at bay.

Do you need a bonus? It's great for pulling toxins from the skin and very good for your skin’s overall health.

5. Put an end to your skin's thirts with Cranberry and lemongrass body wash soap

Cranberry has the only oil with a perfect ratio of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. This ratio enables cranberry seed oil to absorb effortlessly into skin, allowing its antioxidants to penetrate more deeply and providing skin with intense hydration. These essential fatty acids are key to keeping the skin’s moisture barrier intact, locking in hydration and keeping out environmental irritants. By keeping skin plump and hydrated, cranberry works wonders for rough, dry and aging skin. These nutritious berries are also a natural source of flavonoids (an antioxidant) and salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid or BHA). Each of these ingredients has astringent and antiseptic properties that reduce sebum, clear pores and minimize the look of pimples.

Lemongrass is unique because it has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Just like its cousin, lemons, it's a natural astringent with some serious antiseptic properties.

6. Don't forget the daily dose of nature's nectar with Oats and honey body scrub soap

Honey is naturally moisturizing the skin without adding oils, this makes the soap highly beneficial for acne prone skin.

When applied to the skin, honey increases circulation which encourages a natural, healthy radiance. Honey is a humectant which helps your skin absorb and retain moisture which keeps it from drying out. Honey is packed with natural antioxidants and anti-microbial properties which help protect, repair and prevent skin damage. Honey is also quite calming to the skin. As an anti-irritant, products containing honey are beneficial for sensitive skin and even baby products.

Why are oats so amazing? I've made a short list:

  • helps to keep skin hydrated by forming an occlusive layer on the surface that retains water in the skin

  •  allows natural and gentle cleansing of skin due to presence of saponins

  •  provides gentle exfoliation

  •  imparts moisturizing, soothing, conditioning, and nourishing qualities, significantly improving skin dryness and roughness

  •  helps reduce skin inflammation making it ideal for treating inflammatory skin conditions

  •  contains flavonoids that are strong UVA screens (they absorb UVA)

  •  is non-irritating and has low allergenic potential

  •  is suited for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

With it beneficiary medical use, ability to clean our clothes and disinfect our surroundings from harmful bacteria and dirt, soaps remain one of the most useful and fundamental hygiene tool that mankind ever created.

So, what are you waiting for?

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