20 Surprising uses of your soap around the home

Even if you're a fan of liquid soap, don't abandon the lovely soap you have (or just received as a complementary gift) because it can be used to do some amazing things around your home. You can even make your own liquid soap!

And if you don't have any, simply choose your favorite from our shop. Here are my best reasons to keep a bar of soap handy.

1. How to hide holes in your walls?

Soap could be just the trick to filling those unsightly holes left by hung pictures and mirrors. Rub a bar of similarly-colored soap into the hole to fill it out and disguise the gap - genius!

2. Mark fabric when sewing

When you’re sewing, you’ll usually need to make marks on the fabric to know where to place your needle and thread. A bar of soap is a great choice for these marks—the soap won’t damage the fabric, and it will wash right out. Bonus: the fabric will smell amazing while you're working with it.

3. How to detect gas leaks?

Smell something funny? Turns out soap can be a lifesaver. If you're ever worried about gas leaks, soap can help you find the problem (or lack of).

Rub soap over the pipe. If it bubbles, there's a problem and you should call for assistance immediately.

4. Soap pin cushion

They're very easy to make. Take a plain bar of soap, and wrap it in either fabric or wrapping paper.

Push your pins into the block, and it will keep them firmly in place (and lubricated too).

Lovely and it will smell amazing too!

5. How to remove stains using soap?

Have you ever tried using a bar of soap to remove stains? Stain treatments can be seriously expensive, so this is definitely worth a go. Begin by wetting the stain from the outside in, then rub your bar of soap directly onto it until it lathers. Continue until the stain begins to fade and disappears. And voila! it's like new!

6. How to make sewing easier using soap

Some fabrics can be tricky to get through, even with a sharp needle. If you're really struggling, a great hack is to rub the end of the needle over a bar of soap. It will act as lubrication and make sewing easier.

7. How to refresh smelly shoes?

If your shoes are starting to smell, try using a bar of soap to freshen them up. Wrap a bar of soap in a piece of kitchen paper, place inside the offending shoes and leave overnight. Wake to find them smelling as fresh as the day you bought them!

8. How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Bugs can be seriously pesky, especially in Summertime. If you're out of mosquito repellant, try spritzing soapy water onto skin instead.

9. How to fix stuck zippers:

Is the zipper on one of your jackets stuck? A little soap will help you unstick in no time! Rub the bar of soap along the zipper, and then try unzipping it. The soap will lubricate the zipper, making it easier for the stuck zipper to move.

10. How to stop glasses from steaming up?

Foggy lenses can be a real problem in winter. If you wear glasses, this use for a bar of soap will definitely come in handy. Wipe a small amount of soap onto your lenses, then use a piece of kitchen roll to buff off - it will keep them crystal clear whatever the weather.

11. Homemade bug repellent to use on your plants

Are you constantly battling to keep bugs at bay? If you want to stop them from destroying your plants for good, a quick bug repellent can be made using a bar of soap. Mix up a soapy solution of soap and water (you can either do this by shaking soap shavings in a bottle of water or heating soap in water on the hob). Pour into a spray bottle and spritz onto the underside of your plant leaves.

12. Fix sticky drawers or sliding doors

When drawers or sliding doors won't open smoothly, rub the bar of soap on the edges of the drawers or in the door tracks to make everything glide easily.

13.Make furniture assembly easy

Whether you are a master woodworker or simply struggling to put together an IKEA bookcase (like me) , starting screws into wood can be difficult. Make it easier by coating the threads of the screw with a bit of bar soap. In the workshop, use a bar of soap to make an easy-to-remove mark as a cutting guide. Then use the bar to coat the teeth of a handsaw so it will glide through the wood.

14. Freshen dresser drawers, old suitcases or closets

Before you use soap bars, get double duty by storing them in dresser drawers, closets, suitcases. Remove any outer wrapping and wrap the bars in a bit of fabric (an old washcloth works great) and tuck them away. Works great in smelly shoes and boots, too.

15. Prevent paint splatters

When it's time to paint trim next to glass panes or mirrors, rub a bar of soap onto the glass next to the trim. If you get a bit of paint on the glass, the soap makes it easy to remove and this method is a lot faster than taping off windows.

16. Loosen a stiff lock

If a door lock is stiff, drag the key over a dry bar of soap to coat the surface. Insert the coated key into the lock and operate it a few times. The lock should become easier to use.

17. Make messy hands and nails easy to clean Before you dig in the garden or do an oily car repair, dig your fingernails into a bar of soap. The soap will prevent the soil or grease from getting under your nails. 18. Make cleanup cleaning easier after cooking Before you put that cast iron or aluminum pan over an open campfire, coat the bottom with a damp bar of soap to make soot clean-up much easier. 19. Unstuck a zipper Run a dry bar of soap over zipper teeth to make a zipper glide more easily. 20. Make your own liquid soap Save some money by making your own liquid soap. Use a hand grater to shave four ounces of bar soap and mix with four cups of boiling water. Stir until the soap is dissolved, allow to cool completely, and pour into your dispensers. Store extra soap in a cool place and give the container a good shake before using.

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