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Basic Melt and Pour Soap Making

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A list of essential tools and materials when you get started in soap making. What we find that this is one of the most intimidating step in the beggining, not knowing what tools you will need. We've made a list here with the items we used in the video when we made the Purple Lilac and Lavender soap. The list is fairly simple, and it helps a lot when you start.

Remember that if you are on a budget, you can look on Gumtree or Shpock or any other second hand marketplace. Various people will sell their gear a at bargain price.


Tools and Materials


Milk Jugs

These are perfect for double boiling, they are excellent heat conductors, made of stainless steel so it will keep the soap warm for up 20 minutes prior to pouring.

Perfect tool for when you are starting out.

Check the dimensions as these will fit inside your water pot.


Double Boiling Pots

These will hold the boiling water, can be made of any material. You don't have to buy them new, any pot which you are planing to discard can be converted and used to heat water and help transfer heat to the milk jugs. Check the dimensions, as this is important depending on how many jugs you are planing to hold inside your pot.


Mixing Sticks

Great to stir your soaps, excellent for when you mix in your colors, ingredients, fragrances etc. You can also reuse them. When you are done pouring your soap, throw the used ones into the boiling water to clean them and let them dry on a clean surface.



These will hold your mica and essential oils, they are great mixing in other ingredients before you add them to your soap. Small ones are good to mix essentials, although, going forward, you should consider getting some bigger ones as you will need them later on as you progress.


Soap Cutters

Some of these soap cutters also come with their own moulds. You don't really need the moulds as much because you are not making cold process soaps, but they are a good addition to your inventory should you decide to do entire loafs.



This is really a matter of preference on what type of soap bars will you be making and what type of customers you are aiming for.

There are literally tens of thousands of variations and styles you can choose from.

Remember that Ideas are NOT limited by budget!



As you will be using the double boiling method, you will need cloths as things will get hot. Using cloths are an easy way to handle hot pots. Remember to keep your cloths dry as wet cloths conduct heat really fast.


Heat Sealer

This is the one we used in the video. Heat sealers are used along with shrink bags. This is one way to package and protect if you are have a nice looking soap or are on a budget. Heat sealers tend to vary in price and size, but the 8" does the job great.

You can buy this on ebay for the best price.


Shrink Bags

Various sized shrink bags that work with your heat sealer. Quality is sometime different, some bags will feel different than the others but they all ultimately serve the same purpose, neatly package your soap. Can also be used for bath bombs and various other things.


Heat Gun

This is quite the tool, it blows hot air which will shrink the bags around your soap. You can also use the heat gun as a direct source of heat which can melt the soap's layers in order to provide a better bond. The orange one is the one we used in the video. It does the job great. There are also ifferent types and models but they all do the same thing.