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Hello. We are Craftiela with love handmade and we love creating new and exciting bath products. As a family business, we are adamant about using natural and organic ingredients. We believe that if a product looks good, it promotes better hygiene, because we don't use any SLS/SLES or any other harsh additives, our soaps and bath bombs are also children safe, this encourages them to wash their little hands more often.

We started in late 2017, and we have received amazing support and reviews on all major marketplaces and social platforms, a big Thank you for that.

We invent our products and designs.

We trust and we respect the nature: we only use natural ingredients and naturally sourced ingredients and we cherish the nature to use little to no plastic, encouraging our customers to recycle every box and everything else that can be recycled.

We encourage our customers to a better hygiene through our designs.

We are honest about our ingredients, organic means organic and we avoid using harsh surfactants. Fresh means fresh and we make sure that each product uses the highest quality of naturally sourced fresh ingredients.

We want to fill the world with natural perfumes, so that each bath and each shower and each moment can help build a memory.

We want to give you strength when the skies are gray and pastel the right colors, and amplify the happiness that you feel when your heart is blooming.